FISH MAGNET LED fishing light
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FISH MAGNET LED fishing light

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Tribal Whips FISH MAGNET LED fishing light.


The FISH MAGNET is simple, easy to use, and very effective.  Simply connect the FISH MAGNET to any 8 - 30vdc power source, and place it in the water... That's it.  Now sit back and watch the marine life appear from below.  This is the part where you drop your line in the water.


The FISH MAGNET can be operated in fresh or saltwater, up to 30 ft. deep.  Based on our experience though, it's rarely necessary or effective to place the light in water deeper than 10 ft.


The FISH MAGNET is attached to 20 ft. of power wire, and uses a 2 contact marine grade connector to connect and disconnect power.  You can easily attach a cigarette lighter adapter or other form of connector if desired.  FISH MAGNET lights are liquid filled, so you won't need weights or sinkers to keep the light steady and below the surface.


Product details:


Length: 24"

Available colors: Marine Blue, Bright Green, Pure White

Amp draw: 350ma @ 12vdc


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