For Tribal Whips warranty information, please scroll to the bottom of the page.


NEW Tribal X Multi Color LED Whips... Next Level!... Nothing else like it!




NEW GEM Series 3D LED lighted whips... Insanely bright! 



5 ft. Tribal X Multi Color LED SINGLE Whip kit Tribal Whips American Support Flag
5 ft. Tribal X Multi Color LED SINGLE Whip kitTribal Whips American Support Flag

Tribal X… The best multi - color and animated whip we’ve ever made! This is a pre-sale... These whips will ship on August 1st, 2019.

Tribal Whips American support flags. Available in the "thin blue line", "thin red line", and "thin green line".



12 Month limited warranty against manufacturer defects and craftsmanship.  The warranty period begins on the day of purchase, whether online, or in person.

Generally speaking, damage or defects caused by the customer, whether it be an accident or otherwise, are not covered by the Tribal Whips warranty. 

Tribal Whips offers a 12 month limited warranty against manufacturers defects and craftsmanship.  For some instances, Tribal Whips may offer extended warranties against certain items, or discounts on replacements, please contact customer service for details.

Items covered by Tribal Whips warranty:

1.  Defective power modules.
2.  Damaged and / or broken connections inside the whip (ie. broken wires).
3.  Damaged and / or broken solder joints.
4.  Leaks.
5.  Burned out LEDs.
6.  Whip components that stop working properly.

Items not covered by Tribal Whips warranty:

1.  Damaged or Broken tubes
2.  Any part of the whip and / or it’s components that were damaged by the customer.
3.  Any part of the whip and / or it’s components that’s been altered by the customer.


Tribal Whips produces all of it's whips and the majority of their components in house.  But for certain items, such as billet Horizontal and Vertical whip mounts, it's more efficient and cost effective for Tribal Whips to purchase them from an outside vendor.  Items produced by outside vendors are subject to the vendors warranty policy.  If you have any questions about a particular item, please contact our customer service dept.